An Afternoon With...

Eben eine Stunde auf der Seite "An Afternoon With..." des New Yorker Fotografen Michael Mundy verbracht. Keine neue Idee, aber wundervoll umgesetzt. "This is a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don´t throw away", sagt Mundy. "It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces. Every picture is a portrait of the owner - be it a room, an object or a view. Every portrait in the end becomes a self-portrait. So in the end this a project about me". Hier ist seine Homepage. Und hier sein toller Blog "The Refind".

(Alle Fotos von Michael Mundy für "An Afternoon With". Via "all the mountains...")

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